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Upgrade Your Humanware

Elevate your business performance and achieve breakthrough results.

Upgrade Your Humanware

Elevate your business performance and achieve breakthrough results.

Upgrade Your Humanware

Elevate your business performance and achieve breakthrough results.

Strengthen yourself. Strengthen your team.

  • Reduce Friction

  • Let's face it, business is a game, but it's too often treated like life or death. Market Force changes the game and gets people to play to win.
  • Increase Productivity

  • Market Force's business execution system gets teams to be highly collaborative and effective, empowering them to perform at very high levels.
  • Accelerate Performance

  • Once people understand that business is a game played for identity, they can begin generating sustainable prosperity - that's wealth and wisdom.

Learn about Styles.

We like to believe that humans are pretty predictable.

Since people have a difficult time distinguishing between an actual and a perceived threat, they tend to respond with their survival strategies anytime they feel pressure.

We've categorized these survival instincts into four Styles, which allows you to easily "see" the unspoken concerns of others and build more powerful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Controls are independent, strong-willed, and focused on the "big picture". Staunchly convicted about their ideas, and future-oriented, they seek certainty at every turn. Controls speak in bullet points and expect direct answers from others.
Influences are go, go, go! They bring momentum to a team and are the life of the party. Enthusiastic, talkative, and stimulating, they are able to create relationships quickly and easily. And, Influences always strive for out-of-the-box possibilities.
Powers are diligent, dependable, and naturals at building teams. Their near-term focus and production mindset drives them to take on lots of tasks, and Powers make sure all of the work gets done, often acting as the "glue" in their teams.
Authorities stand for quality and hate wasting time and money. They are rational, disciplined, and orderly with an unmatched attention to detail. They readily identify areas for improvement and make sure their teams are working on the right things.

Trusted by great people.

We are honored to work with some of the best companies in the world.

Market Force App

Put the Market Force technology in the palm of your hand!

The Market Force mobile app is your personal prosperity accelerator, providing you with real-time insights that improve your communication, collaboration, and connection with others. The app provides advice on the best ways to interact with people of all Styles and it stores all that wisdom in your contact list, right where you need it!

About Us

Market Force is a rapidly growing business with clients and strategic partners all over the world. We play at a high level. We are guided by of principles of passion, discipline, and transparency. And, are always looking for like-minded, business professionals looking to play a similar game.

Travis Carson, Founder


Travis lives and breathes Market Force, having used its revolutionary principles to generate prosperity for over two decades. A fierce competitor who always strives for win-win outcomes, Travis is Market Force's product expert who has empowered hundreds of companies to play the game of business like champions.

Tony Cooper, CEO


Tony thrives on simplifying complication and bringing out the best in others. Leveraging his two decades of entrepreneurship in a wide range of industries, Tony actively works to spread Market Force around the globe with the goal of improving human dynamics and generating breakthrough performance.

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